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Daal Ghost
Goat meat cooked with chana dal and special herbs
Lamb Tikka Masala
Boneless lamb cubes baked in clay oven and cooked in a creamy tomatoe sauce
Beef/Lamb/Goat Curry
Tender pieces of beef/lamb/goat cooked in highly spiced onion gravy and special Indian herbs
Beef/Lamb/Goat Bhuna
Meat cooked with chopped onion, tomato and medium hot curry sauce
Beef/Lamb/Goat Saag
Lamb, beef or goat cooked with chopped spinach, tomatoes in curry sauce
Beef/Lamb/Goat Vindaloo
Shrimp cooked with chopped spinach in a mild Indian spices curry sauce
Beef/Lamb/Goat Korma
Lamb, beef or goat cooked with creamy almond sauce
Beef/Lamb/Goat Mushroom
Beef/lamb/goat cooked with mushroom in a curry sauce
Beef/Lamb/Goat Madras
Tender pieces of lamb, beef or goat cooked with fresh tomatoes in medium hot curry sauce
Beef/Lamb/Goat Jalfrizi
Beef/lamb/goat cooked with onion, tomatoes, green/red pepper and Indian herbs in medium spicy sauce
Beef/Lamb/Goat Roganjash
Pieces of beef/lamb/goat cooked with aromatic sauce of onion, green pepper, tomatoes and saffron
Beef/Lamb/Goat Chilli
Tender cubes of beef, lamb, and goat cooked with our special homemade chili sauce sautéed with tomato, green/red pepper and onion
Beef/Lamb/Goat Curry
Ground beef or lamb cooked in a thick tomato and onion sauce with spices
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